Rediscover Radiant Skin with the Diamond Microderm Glo at Aria Nails & Spa

Rediscover Radiant Skin with the Diamond Microderm Glo at Aria Nails & Spa

Rediscover Radiant Skin with the Diamond Microderm Glo at Aria Nails & Spa

Are you on a quest for smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin? Discover the transformational power of the Diamond Microderm Glo at Aria Nails & Spa. It’s not just a facial, it’s a deep exfoliating treatment that takes your skin health to a whole new level.

What is Diamond Microderm Glo?

Our Diamond Microderm Glo is a 60-minute treatment that uses state-of-the-art diamond tip technology for deep exfoliation. Available at $140, this innovative facial helps you bid adieu to a wide range of skin concerns, including discoloration, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and impurities.

The Power of Diamond Tip Technology

Microdermabrasion, the technique at the heart of our Diamond Microderm Glo facial, is a non-invasive procedure that gently yet effectively removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells. This process promotes the production of new cells in the deepest layer of the dermis, cleans pores, and aids in balancing oil production.

Diamond tip technology takes this to the next level. The diamond tips are more precise and less irritating than other exfoliating surfaces, making them ideal for getting closer to the eye area and the sensitive skin around the lips.

The Diamond Microderm Glo Experience

When you choose the Diamond Microderm Glo, you’re in for an experience that redefines facial treatments. The process begins with a gentle cleansing of your skin, preparing it for the exfoliation to follow.

Our expert technicians then use the diamond tip applicator to exfoliate your skin thoroughly, removing dead skin cells and impurities that can dull your complexion. The result is a noticeable improvement in skin texture, color, pore size, and overall skin health.

Long-lasting, Noticeable Results

The Diamond Microderm Glo isn’t just a facial – it’s a skin transformation. The deep exfoliation leaves your skin feeling remarkably smooth and looking vibrant. It can help address issues like discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven texture, resulting in a more even, radiant complexion.

Perhaps most impressively, the Diamond Microderm Glo delivers long-lasting results. As your skin continues to produce new cells, you’ll notice the benefits of your treatment extending far beyond your visit to our spa.

Reclaim the radiance, smoothness, and health of your skin with the Diamond Microderm Glo. Make an appointment today at Aria Nails & Spa, and let us help you shine with the glow of true skin health.

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