Dreamy Hydra-Facial (50 min) ____$150

Dry and combination skin. Gives dry and parched skin the moisture it craves. This deeply
Hydration facial delivers a surge of rich, comforting moisture to keep skin dewy and glow
long after.

Diamond Microderm Glo (60min) _$140

Restore healthier, smoother skin with this deep exfoliation using diamond tip technology.
This facial will give you a healthy glow, and improve the discoloration, texture, pore size, and impurities that you are looking for.

Acne Clarifying Facial (50 min) _$140

This concentrates on deep cleansing with steam to open pores for extraction. A natural
clay mask is applied to dry up and lessen future breakouts. This facial also includes light
peel and high frequency to help with inflammations.

Microcurrent Facial (60min) _$150

This facial is often referred to as a “non surgical facelift”. By using high low voltage
current,it helps erase fine lines and wrinkles while firming your skin and defining your
features.It improves muscle tone,reduces puffiness,increases cellular activity. The
overall result is a healthier and younger looking skin.

herbal wraps

Body Polish (60 min) _ $150

Pre-Bikini, pre tanning, pre vacation, pre-wedding. Includes whole body exfoliation.it begins with cleansing the gentle exfoliate while steaming. Dermabrasion if needed. This body scrub leaves your skin soft, silky, and ready to absorb all the goodie mask, and serums.

Rejuvenation Facial (70 min)_$160

Using newest technology Chitossil thread lift provides a superior lifting ,smoothing, and
toning effect to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging in areas
such as the brows, cheeks, neck,and jowls. Chitossil effectively firms any area of the
skin that is prone to sagging and volume loss due to aging or poor muscle tone.

LED light Therapy (60 min)_$150

Mature, inflammation, eczema, sun damage skin, all skin types. Using LED light improves cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised
tissue cells. Helps with an increase of circulation, improves skin texture, decreases inflammation, and boosts collagen.

The Beauty Spot Customize Facial (75 min)_$180

A special facial just for your concerns and needs. This facial is on a mission to archive complexion” pore” fiction Combine a skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, extractions
an individual treatment mask with a deep shoulder, neck, and arm massage.

Get Your Back Facial OR Keep That Peachy Glow (70 min)_$155

Acne back, pre-wedding, pre-vacation. This facial includes deep cleansing, steam to open pores, manual exfoliation, skin analysis, extraction, custom mask, neck, and back massage that follows with toner and moisturizer. This back facial will help keep your skin clear and toned.

Add Ons

Pricing Package

Dermaplanning ——————————- $50
High Frequency Inflammation Skin ——————————- $25

NASA original developed helps with healing and boost collagen ultra
sonic ——————————- $25

High level sound wave technology.Relieves puffy eyes, tightens pores, microcurrent treatment instant lifting ——————————- $25
Vampire Peel —————————————– $15
Chemical exfoliation treatment (30% AHA and 2% BH) Facial Cupping —————————————– $42
Helps with blood circulation,additional shoulders, neck, and scalp massage. —————————————– $15
Foot Massage —————————————– $15
Gua-Sha, Jade Roller massage helps with blood circulation —————————————– $15