5 Reasons Why Shellac Nail Polish Is Good For Your Health

5 Reasons Why Shellac Nail Polish Is Good For Your Health

5 Reasons Why Shellac Nail Polish Is Good For Your Health

Shellac nail polish is an innovative new product that is gaining popularity in the world of manicures and pedicures. It’s available in almost any salon or online, and it may be worth checking out if you’re interested in improving your health through your beauty routine. Here are just a few of the many reasons why Shellac nail polish and spring nail colors may be good for your health.

1) Longer wear

If you’re in a rush, or feeling really lazy, shellac is a great way to get your nails painted quickly. The resin-based coating dries quickly and can last up to two weeks on your nails, making it perfect for spring nail colors. Because of its durability, you’ll need fewer touchups; in fact, you might not have to have them at all for an entire fortnight! Add in a more durable topcoat and you’ve got yourself some long-lasting tips that will help ward off unsightly chipping. While most people think about their fingernails when considering shellac polish, don’t forget about your toes.

Spring nail colors make great pedicures too! Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or just want to keep up with current trends, spring is an ideal time to update your color palette with fresh hues. With so many vibrant options available from top brands like Essie and China Glaze, finding something new has never been easier and since spring weather tends to be nicer than winter weather, it’s easy to go outside after applying new polish. All of these factors combined mean one thing:

Now’s a great time to invest in spring nail colors that will stand out during warmer months while keeping pesky scrapes away during trips outside.


Shellac Nail Polish

2) Less damage to your nails

One of my pet peeves is when I get my nails done in a salon and go home, only to find that they are stained after just one use. If you don’t feel like shopping for pricey removers, then shellac polish is right for you. It lasts up to two weeks, so stains will become a thing of your past. A manicure every week? Yes please! With shellac polish on your nails, you don’t have to worry about coloring them with nail polishes that contain harsh chemicals or ones that stain easily either. You can pretty much count on it lasting through most of your weekend wear and removal will be quick and painless as well since it washes off with regular nail polish remover. No need to spend time scrubbing at your nails or spend money on specialty removers. No more worrying about chipping.

When we think of nail polish, we tend to think about chips—those annoying little breaks in our manicures that can take away from how polished we look. However, shellac has been known to last longer than other types of manicures because it’s more durable and doesn’t chip as often (if at all). Long-lasting color: We all love new colors—especially spring colors! But there’s nothing worse than painting our nails during our favorite season only to have them chip within days. Shellac gives us those bright colors without having to deal with pesky chips!

3) No more staining

If you get your nails done at a salon, you’re likely getting acrylics or shellac. These are durable forms of nail polish that don’t chip or stain easily. Both of these types of nail polishes help improve your health by not allowing chemicals from other people’s nail polish to mix with yours. If you like to wear bold colors on your nails, shellac and acrylic are great for keeping them looking healthy as well! In addition, shellac is especially good for dry cuticles because it doesn’t require harsh removers.

You can use acetone-free remover at home or remove it when you go back to your regular manicure. This also makes it easy to change up your look without damaging your nails. If you have weak or brittle nails, shellac is a great option because it protects against damage while still giving you some flexibility in color choice. No more yellowing:

Acrylic and gel nail polish both protect against staining from other people’s nail polish, but they also help keep your own natural nail bed healthier than traditional nail polish does.

Shellac Nail Polish

4) Why Shellac Nail Polish is good for your nails?

Are you worried about your nails being too brittle and cracking? Have you always wanted a great-looking manicure that won’t smudge or get ruined in just one day? Well, fear no more! In just a couple of minutes, shellac nail polish can be applied to any natural nail. This type of polish is created using UV lamps and is completely dry in 60 seconds. You don’t even need to wait for it to dry after applying it! So if you’re looking for a new manicure technique that will last up to two weeks without chipping, consider giving shellac nail polish a try. It could be just what you need!

If you’ve ever had problems with messy nail polish becoming sticky over time, you’ll love how long-lasting shellac nail polish is. It can stay on your nails from five to fourteen days—much longer than regular nail polishes. And since it doesn’t chip easily, it’s ideal for people who want a manicure that will last throughout their vacation or business trip.

If you have trouble keeping up with a weekly manicure schedule, shellac nail polish could be just what you need! Unlike other types of nail polish that only last for about two weeks, shellac nail polish stays put for up to two weeks at a time.

5) Saves you time

Because it’s a gel-polish and therefore isn’t applied by hand, shellac manicures go on quicker than regular ones. In fact, they take just one hour to apply and cure! This means you can save tons of time that would otherwise be spent standing in a salon or going through your extensive color collection at home. And because your nails will look good for two weeks (and up to three if you use top coat), you won’t have to worry about them chipping either.

That’s right you won’t have to get another manicure for nearly two weeks, which is great news for those who are busy with work or school. Not only do shellac nails last longer than traditional polish, but they also require less maintenance as well. If you choose not to add a top coat after two weeks, then all you need is some nail clippers and nail file when it comes time for removal.

Shellac Nail Polish

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